Borders and Coastguard Agency Recruits


The Borders and Coastguard Agency (BCA) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the of the Agency’s training programme by 7 new Recruits. The training period, commenced in early March 2020 but was suspended as the Officers were seconded to assist with COVID-19 related activities. Upon their recent return, the Recruits undertook further refresher and on-the-job training on Immigration to reinforce their learnings prior to their secondment.

This year’s training programme was imparted by the Agency’s Compliance Manager William Recagno together with the Training Department’s Andrew Victor, Michael Baldacchino and recent addition to the team, Nicholas Balbuena.

Upon the completion of their training programme, Mr Aaron Chipol, the Borders and Coastguard Agency’s CEO, demonstrated his delight at the new recruits by stating “Taking into account the nature of the recent COVID pandemic I am pleased that our new recruits have been able to help as well as keeping their determination to complete the training programme. We now have a further compliment of Officers who will now be able to play their role in securing the safety of Gibraltar through our various entry and exit points. I congratulate each and every one of these Officers and welcome them into the Borders and Coastguard Agency.”