New Borders And Coastguard Recruits


Borders and Coastguard Agency Recruits

The Borders and Coastguard Agency (BCA) has, since the turn of the year, run 3 separate Recruit Schools over a period of 5 months. Each training school has consisted of a 6 week programme which was designed to cover a wide range of issues to prepare the recruits for life as a Borders and Coastguard Officer.

The topics, ably covered by Andrew Victor, Michael Baldacchino and William Recagno of the Borders and Coastguard Training Department have included courses on a Department of Transport (DfT) approved Aviation Ground Security Operativeand Immigration. The recruits have also been tasked with on the job training in order to be exposed to what will be their daily duties once their training was successfully completed. Each training course was conducted primarily at Bleak House, with other lectures taking place at the BCA Headquarters.

Andrew Bonfante, CEO of the Borders and Coastguard Agency has expressed his delight at each recruitment campaign stating that all new recruits have shown a willingness to learn in order to form part of the Agency. “We must remember the important role each and every Officer has in assuring the safety of Gibraltar. I am pleased we can now count on a further 21 extremely well trained individuals to complement our current professional Officers.”