Train The Trainer Course


Train The Trainer Course

Recently, Mark Little, Managing Director of ML Associates, a provider of Executive Coaching, Development and Consultancy services, delivered a two day ‘Train the Trainer’ course to Borders and Coastguard Agency Training Department.

The course, which was held at Bleak House on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th August 2015 is designed to extend skills in basic training design and delivery as well as refining training techniques. It also illustrated how to structure and design training sessions thus making them interesting, stimulating and relevant. Greater enthusiasm and confidence plus ideas for creativity and further development for training delivery was also gained.

The Training Department, which consists of the Training Manager Andrew Victor, Training Officer Michael Baldacchino and Senior Borders and Coastguard Officer William Recagno, who was the recent successful candidate in a selection process for the post of Auxiliary Trainer, undertook the course.

Commenting on this, the Agency’s Chief Executive, Andrew Bonfante, stated that “We take part in a heavily regulated industry which requires a huge amount of training of our Officers. By training our trainers it shows our commitment to maintaining a high and professional standard throughout the Agency.”